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8 Great Eats, Phoenix favorites so far in 2013![REVIEWS]

8 Great Eats, Phoenix favorites so far in 2013!

Brat Haus- Spicy Beer Brat

Brat Haus- Spicy Beer Brat

Brat Haus-Scottsdale, AZ
Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale is the permanent home of well known pop-up chef Payton Curry and restaurateur Dave Andrea. It’s got a great open patio and cozy indoor areas with lots of wood and chalkboard menus. A beer lover should be extremely happy with gastro-pub feel as well as the 30+ draft beers and even larger selection of bottled. The food on offer is really good, but it comes up just a little short of excellence that chef Curry is known for.

Though the Brats and Gourmet Sausages are all made in house, my Spicy Beer Brat w/Saurkraut was simply “a good brat”. The standout dishes have been the Pretzel Fundido, Pigtail Poutine and the Pig Mac. The pretzels were served with a three cheese dipping sauce as well as the standard array of table mustards and sauces. The Pig Mac is their take on a Big Mac with a pork patty and beef patty. It’s a delicious, juicy bite, and a great accompaniment to a tall cold beer.
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Fork vs Food- Yu Xiang EggplantMiu’s Cuisine, Mesa, AZ
2314 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281 (480) 966-3098
Miu’s Cuisine in Mesa was another great find from our PFN brethren. For a second time, I got to have my perceptions about Chinese food blasted away. The mixed menu of Szechuan and Cantonese dishes is huge, but almost everything I’ve tried here has been spectacular. I’ll mention that there used to be two chefs here, one Szechuan and one Cantonese, but I think the Cantonese chef has moved on to another, yet undiscovered, place, so I’ve stuck to ordering from the Szechuan side of the menu only.

What I’ve eaten so far includes items I thought I knew, like Kung Pao Chicken and Dan Dan Noodles, and also stuff I’ve never tried before like Water Boiled Fish and Yu Xiang Eggplant. The old dishes showed me what I’ve been missing all this time going to crummy Americanized places, and the new dishes opened my eyes to how much more there is I haven’t tried. This place is going to take many, delicious return visits until I feel like I’ve conquered the menu.
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Fork Vs Food- Shnitzel Codon BleuBeaver Choice, Mesa, AZ|
Scandanavian food is something that I have very little experience with, but the dishes at Beaver Choice instantly make me comforted, like I’m getting a great home-cooked meal from someone’s grandmother that knows how to cook! I never got to visit the original, smaller location of Beaver Choice in Tempe, but just recently was able to pop into their newer, 3-times larger location in Mesa.

I’d heard the food there was delicious, put together by chef Hannah Gabrielsson. It’s an interesting mix of Swedish, Polish and Canadian food, with standards like Schnitzel, Frikadeller(Meatballs), Gravlax and Poutine. Some more interesting dishes make their way onto the menu as well, like Flying Jacob(a swedish dish of Chicken, Bananas, and Peanuts in a chili-curry-cream sauce). I haven’t tried it yet, but what I have tried is the Cordon Bleu Schnitzel. I was skeptical, but not only was it the best Cordon Bleu I’ve ever had, it was the best Schnitzel also! The side dishes, potatoes and Gravlax I’ve tried are also packed full of flavor and finesse. This place is fantastic!
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Fork Vs Food-Ped Dang GaengYupha’s Thai Kitchen, Tempe, AZ
Have you ever gone to a place and gotten lucky by ordering a dish that you absolutely love, only to get stuck ordering that same delicious meal on every visit there-after? That’s the story with me and Yupha’s, and the dish in question is Ped Dang Gaeng(Crispy Roast Duck with Coconut Curry Sauce, Pineapples, Peppers, Tomatoes and Thai Basil). Something about this dish hits home for me. The crispy skin is rendered down and the sauce is sweet, creamy and spicy. I’ve had this plate at least a half-dozen times, and still crave it today. Luckily, I got to visit Yupha’s with some friends and sample some of their other dishes as well. Not all their food was such a home run, but it was tasty and definitely my favorite Thai in the valley. Maybe next time I go, I’ll experiment with some mor… who am I kidding. PED DANG GAENG!!
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