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Chicken Thighs- Cheap and Easy! [RECIPE]

After eating like a glutton for a while and putting on a few pounds, I like to switch to a low-carb diet. I originally lost about 100lbs on Atkins, but it’s always a struggle to keep that weight off. Cutting carbs and working out hard seems to be the only sure-fire way for me to slim down, so I’ve learned how to cook and eat “low carb” well over the past 8 years.

When I’m not in the mood to experiment or spend lots of time in the kitchen, I go by the grocery store and pick up a bunch of Chicken Thighs. They’re SO cheap, and almost impossible to screw up. Here’s how I generally cook them.

Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Raw2This 10 pack of Chicken Thighs cost me under $6! The first thing I do is take them out of the package and trim back some of the skin. It’s entirely up to you if you like to do this, but I like just enough skin to cover the meat.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Marinade
Next, I like to make a marinade. All you really need for this marinade is equal parts lemon juice and olive oil with a generous pinch of salt. The extra ingredients you add will make it your own creation.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Marinade3
I used the juice of two lemons, equal parts olive oil, a few chopped cloves of garlic, a pinch of dry thyme, salt, pepper and then Garam Masala, Coriander and Tumeric to give it a sweet spiced curry flavor.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Marinate Chicken
Whisk the marinade together and then coat each piece, one at a time, making sure to get the marinade all over each piece. Cover these up and let them soak for 30 minutes to an hour.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Bake Chicken
Put the chicken on a sheet pan, and into a 350° oven for at least an hour. You can turn it up to 375° if you want it to cook and crisp faster.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Bake Chicken5
After an hour, they’re still not quite crispy, even though they’re cooked in the middle. I leave them in for another half hour.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Baked Chicken
Now the skin is crispy and the chicken is still moist inside. Chicken Thighs are so foolproof that you could probably leave these in another 30-45 minutes and they’d still be tender and crispy. I accidentally left a batch in for over 2 hours once, and it was still great.
Fork Vs. Food- Chicken Thighs- Fin3
3-4 servings for under 6 bucks. Come on! How can you beat that?! Crispy, juicy and delicious. Thank you Chicken Thighs for always being there for me when i’m broke and low-carbing it!

  • Nice recipe, Scott. Two of my favorite preparations: piri piri chicken thighs and chicken thigh confit (just using canola oil — the poor man’s confit, but pretty darn good).

    • ScottAtFork

      Thanks Tim! I’ve never even tried chicken thigh confit, but now I’m wondering why not! Great idea. Link a recipe if you have one, otherwise I’ll just treat it like duck confit and see how it works!

      • Tim Himes

        I use either Thomas Keller’s recipe out of French Laundry or Michael Rhulman’s from Charcuterie, at least for the cure. But the awful secret is that I use either canola oil or pure olive oil (not EVOO) for the braise. I think the skin of the chicken adds enough schmalz to make it work.