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The Best Burger in Phoenix [REVIEW]

This all started a few weeks ago when I was chatting with some friends about good burgers around town. I realized that I had enjoyed a few tasty burgers in Phoenix, but I hadn’t been to many of the places the others had talked about. I love a good burger, but were there really that many amazing burgers in town? Eureka! I decided then and there, I’d hit up all the fancy restaurant burgers in town and post about it on ForkVsFood so that other people know where to go! SO…
Three weeks…
16 burgers…
+5lbs(the sacrifices I make for you people)..

The Best Burger in Phoenix REVIEW!  (queue dramatic music!)
McDonald's_HamburgerNooooo! Definitely not that crappy, limp, ugly, tasteless fast food burger. I went for the primo, top notch, high quality restaurant style burgers. I always requested a Medium Rare, and ordered either what the restaurant recommended or whatever the place was known for.

Even after 16 burgers, I realize there are MANY more amazing burgers to try, but my waistline can only handle so much. Consider this “part one”, in an ongoing exploration. There were no bad burgers on this list, but there were definite standouts, so I’ll arrange them in the order that I would go back and order the burger again! Once again, these are ALL tasty burgers, but I’m going to nitpick them to death and tell you honestly, which I think is BEST!

Top Three Burgers:

1)The Cave and Ives Burger- The Attic (Formerly Cave and Ives), Phoenix
Fork Vs Food-Cave and Ives
When I tried the “Cave and Ives” Burger, at Cave and Ives Portico Grill, I had a moment of astonished surprise. How was this secret kept from the world?! I had been to Cave and Ives before, and enjoyed some tasty food and delicious beer, but this is a perfect burger. The pretzel bun is flavorful, but still soft and not too aggressively “pretzel-ed” that it steals the show. The patty is remarkably juicy, and has a terrific grilled flavor, enhanced by the smoky chipotle aioli. The sautéed onions melt and give a nice sweet finish. The lettuce and tomato add crunch and freshness. I can’t find any faults in this burger! When I think of what a good restaurant burger should be, this is what I think of, which is why it’s my number one burger. Seriously, go and give it a try! I recommend pepper jack for your cheese selection.
Cave and Ives Portico Grill
4247 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 955-1967

2) FEZ Burger- Fez Restaurant & Bar, Phoenix

Fork Vs Food-Fez Burger

FEZ burger- 1/2 lb grilled angus burger with spicy honey molasses bbq, cinnamon pears, feta, lemon garlic aioli, crispy onions, cilantro- 10.95

Now, this was an unexpected treat. I’d been to FEZ before and enjoyed the food, but I was never blown away. Enter the FEZ Burger. The list of ingredients includes Cinnamon Pears, Feta Cheese, Molasses BBQ, Crispy Fried Onions and Lemon Garlic Aioli?! This seems a little ridiculous. How all these flavors come together in a delicious bite is something of a mystery to me, but wow, is it a delicious bite. Here’s a close-up:

Fork Vs Food-FezB
Yeah, that’s a juicy medium-rare patty, too. This burger hits the mark and leaves an impression. I WILL be back for more of these in my near future. I’ll probably be munching on some of those super spiced Harissa-dusted fries, also. Go FEZ!
FEZ Restaurant & Bar
3815 N. Central AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85012
3)The Cowboy- Relish Burger Bistro at The Phoenician, Scottsdale

Grilled Kobe Burger, Fried Onion Rings, Bacon Rashers, Jalapeños, Sharp Cheddar, House-Made Steak Sauce- $16

The Cowboy- Grilled Kobe Burger, Fried Onion Rings, Bacon Rashers, Jalapeños, Sharp Cheddar, House-Made Steak Sauce- $16

There are some burgers that focus on the best possible meat. There are others that focus on having a great bun, or interesting ingredients. Some places, like Relish, seem to understand how important balance is, and really push to make sure it’s a perfect bite. The burger recommended to me was the Cowboy. The “kobe” meat was a nice, juicy medium-rare, and when combined with the crunchy large onion rings, melted cheddar and salty bacon, the first bite was a hit.
Fork Vs Food-Relish Close UpThe lingering peppery jalapenos didn’t have much kick, but instead were more like a refreshing pickle. The burger was already good at this point, but adding the homemade tangy steak sauce really sold me. Great bun, high quality meat, tasty toppings and attention to balance of flavor. Top marks for The Cowboy.
Relish Burger Bistro at The Phoenician
6000 E Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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